Eeek! I almost forgot! - REVISED!

I have been thinking about all of the lovely projects from Rowan Magazine 52 and the Tweed book I want to knit this winter, never mind a few small little things.....there never seems to be enough time.

Then this arrived today....oh no, at least 3 projects added to the list...a sweater, fingerless gloves and a scarf.....maybe another sweater.

Hey Rowan....I'm wondering if you are producing too many lovely patterns!?!

Anyone else think this way?

Then it hit me, January 2013....just a little over 4 weeks away.....Rowan magazine 53 will be released.

I need to renew my Rowan Subscription!

Eeeh gads! I just renewed, picked my yarn gift.....and hopefully Magazine 53 will arrive in January...and I'll add yet more projects to my list.

Being a knitter is never boring.

Better renew your Rowan subscription now for uninterrupted delivery!

REVISED!  I have just been advised that my current membership includes magazines 52 and 53 - so I'm good for magazine 53 - and Rowan are going to refund me LOL!!! Adam of Rowan Subscriptions assures me that they do send out reminders and I should be getting one to remind me to renew next Summer!  Oh dear, there I go jumping the gun again!

Happy Knitting!


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