Hubby and I went to see Skyfall in an Imax theatre on Friday - the first day of the opening weekend here in North America for this, the 23rd Bond film.

Originally, I was not convinced that Daniel Craig could replace my beloved Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.  When I saw Mr. Craig in Casino Royale, I knew I was RIGHT!  Daniel Craig is a totally different Bond - rougher, tougher, sort of like the Sean Connery type of Bond - and I LIKE IT!!!!

Skyfall blended the old with the new, and totally left things open for many more new and exciting Bonds to come!

I know someone who worked on a film in Toronto.....which starred Daniel Craig.....she got to talk to you can say she sort of knows him.....and I know her.....well, that's only two degrees of separation from Daniel Craig!  It's a small world.  (She says that yes, his eyes are that blue!)

The DH absolutely loved this old Astin Martin....well he loves the new Astin Martin's too.....he has written a very nice letter to Santa.  (I'm sorry, but although he is a wonderful guy, I don't think he has been that nice this year LOL!)


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