Big sigh....back to normal....

OK - that was scary.

When I got the message from Apple that my hard drive had been identified as one that may potentially crash at any minute (they didn't say it that way but this is what they meant) I had to get my act together.

Confession:  My hard drive is NOT BACKED UP!

It's not that I have a lot of life threatening stuff here on my computer - but I do have years and years of photos.....that I'd hate to first thing I did was fill up my ipad with all of those photos as a backup.

A temporary solution at best....

Another thing that was scaring me was setting up your computer again - all of those updates that you have received since the original purchase of the software.

And what about software that you had received links to download from - how do you get all that back in place?

Obviously this can be done....but the whole thought of it was giving me a huge headache!


Upon consultant with not one, but two Apple sales was decided that I needed a Time Machine....and guess acts as a wifi hub for the seems that it is a much better wifi hub than the first one I bought I don't know how many years ago now.

Let's not forget that technology changes quickly.......

So I handed them my visa card and I left the store with a Time home....and with really not too much bother set the thing up and it started to back up my hard drive.

32 hours later.....yes, 32 hours! my backup is done and I'm ready to take my computer in for it's hard drive transplant.  Yes, it was serious folks!  I was so worried about the poor thing....but I bravely took it to the Apple Store and LEFT IT THERE!!!  It was away from home for 4 nights and I was so happy to pick it up and lug it home - this thing weighs a lot - luckily I had kept the original box so it was safe and happy in it's little crate during this whole adventure.

So now I have to take 32 hours to migrate all my data back onto this new and hopefully improved hard drive.


and yes, it saves all your contacts, your bookmarks, your settings.....all your software is back just the way you like it - AMAZING!!!

Just one tiny Apple won't let me accept updates to my software - because with this new operating system - updated arrive with the App IWork and ILife was purchased via a hard disk - my Apple account doesn't seem to recognise them - so although there is an update for IPhoto....I can't have it!!!  Apple insists it was bought through another apple id - and requests that I log in to that account.

I have always only ever had one apple ID.....I'm now talking to a very nice Johan via e-mail to Apple Support.

In the meantime.....


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