Anastasiya - Rowan 48 - Redux Complete

So, when the planets align - the weather is good (not easy this week with all the rain from Sandy), my hair cooperates, and I feel good - then we take photos of finished knits.

Friday was just such a day - the rain had let up but it was a dull day so actually perfect for this kind of photo.

DH takes his job as official photographer seriously - and as I'm standing there he is giving me directions - look up, down, turn around, keep going, suck it in, stick it out!  I'm sure you can imagine what I'm thinking in some of these photos.

Anyway, Anastasia has been fixed for a while, I've been wearing it a lot, and I'm totally happy with it.

The V neckline was raised just a bit - it originally started in the middle of the flowery motif...only about 1.5 inches lower than it is now - but what a different this alteration made!  The sweater sits on my shoulders so much better, and I can wear it over a shirt or a t-shirt and it looks great.

This was well worth the effort of taking it apart, cutting off the top bit and re-knitting it.

for the LOVE of ROWAN....


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