Orkney has commenced!

Finally!  Sometimes I just get paralyzed with the whole casting on for a new project thing.  So....I started with a sleeve....the shades used are lovely - the combinations are different....and although I am a very conservative dresser....I am really quite excited about this sweater.  I think it is going to be so different from my other "fair isle" cardigans.

I am knitting the sleeve in the round - on 3.25 mm bamboo needles.  I'll probably switch to two circulars when I can.  It's going relatively quickly......

The front no button band look is still stumping me.  Do I knit this sweater in pieces and go for the whole vintage sweater vibe?

OR, do I do my usual thing and convert it to knit in the round - and add front bands for the buttons and button holes.

Only time will tell.  Right now I'm enjoying the knit.

for the LOVE of ROWAN,



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