Well, that wasn't so hard....

Sleeves needed to be joined to the body of Finn

I like to tie in my sleeves, or even tie my seams together before I sew them up - that way I can actually try the garment on to see how it looks, how it fits, before I commit to the sewing up.  

I use a blunt sewing up needle - so that I don't split the yarn.

These raglan sleeves are to be sewn from the inside, so that the edge stitches meet up and for a ridge on the right side of the garment!  I would sew a bit, then hold the seam on the right side and gently pull the sewing yarn....

You have to watch that you don't catch the yarn that you used to tie the pieces together - it's hard to get it out if you do!
The end result is worth it!

It makes this lovely ridged seam on the right side, a designer touch....
The little details count...

As was the ridge made when you cast off the rib, and then picked up again from the wrong side.

Little details like this are what make Rowan designs so special.
I'm actually wearing my Finn right now as I type this.....it's really chilly in the basement "studio" and I can vouch for how wonderfully warm the Rowan Felted Tweed Aran yarn is.......neck and front ribs to go and then we are done!

Happy Knitting!


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