The "Finn" ish line is in sight!

Both sleeves are done!

The sleeves are always my stalling I'm happy to report that BOTH sleeves for Finn are done.
So today's job is to sew these sleeves in.....a bit of a challenge as the pattern calls for you to sew them in with the edge stitch of each piece forming a seam ridge on the RIGHT SIDE of the sweater.  

I have seen this done on designer sweaters and it does look nice....but am I up to the task?

At my Rowan Knitters Group last night, I was showing Carolyn how to tie in her sleeves before sewing them up - it was a new concept to the I'll share it with you here. 

Once the sleeves are in, there is only the neckline and front ribs to do - there is a lot of knitting still to go, but yes, I can see the "Finn" ish's getting closer!


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