Coming home...

I've been in total love with Rowan yarns and designs for a long time.  It all started when I saw Rowan 11 at my then LYS.

(I had just started knitting seriously....having learned to knit from my Mother when young....but my life had never supported "me" time......but the planets had aligned wonderfully and I went back to knitting.)

Oh my!  I was hooked.  Even though the cover sweater was way beyond my knitting skills at the time (fine cotton, intarsia), I walked out of that store with Rowan Magazine 11 and the yarn required for the cover sweater.  

I went on to collect all of the earlier Rowan Magazines, and to develop my knitting skills by taking workshops, joining guilds (at one point I was going both to the Kitchener Guild and the Toronto Guild), reading books (Elizabeth Zimmermann) and watching videos on PBS on Sunday mornings (Knitting with Elizabeth and Meg...and the Glorious Color Video with Kaffe Fassett).

Although I have strayed from my Love of Rowan...........

(When I retired to take care of family issues, I wanted to do something in the knitterly world.  My other knitting passion was fair isle done in the traditional Shetland yarns.  These yarns weren't readily I decided to start an on-line Shetland yarn shop....for 8 years my knitterly focus was on Shetland yarns.....)

Since Magazine 11, I have always collected and admired Rowan yarns and publications.

Rowan yarns and designs really speak to me...and the addiction is back big time....I meet monthly with other Rowan knitters....we inspire each other in our shared admiration for all things Rowan.


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