"A Natural Woman"

I don't know if it's getting older or being retired....you can really get lost in things....to go back if you want to....whether it's through books, music or movies.  Right now I'm reading.....

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Carol is 70 now and thinks that her days of making music are over.  I hope not.....but she likes the idea of retirement and I can relate to that!  With one book that took 12 years to write, perhaps in "retirement" it won't take her so long to write her second book.

I used to come home from High School and watch "The Monkees" - now there is something to admit to!!!  I thought they were wonderful.......my favourite was Peter Tork - he seemed quiet and shy, and he was tall! Turns out "Pleasant Valley Sunday" was written by...you guessed it.....Carole King!  I didn't know that at the time.

Anyway, reading "A Natural Woman" is letting me revisit the music of that time.

"Up on the Roof" is a particular favourite of mine, originally done by the Drifters, I love Dusty Springfield's version.  Carole can still sing it too.....

Tapestry is probably my all-time favourite album
So I'm listening to "Tapestry" (I had the LP, the tape, the cassette and now the CD....) and I'm looking for "Sweet Baby James" (I so loved that cover) and will be popping over to iTunes to pick up this one.

Do you like listening to the music of your youth?  Does it bring back memories? Make you happy...or sad?  Who was your favourite artist at that time?  Do you find yourself sounding like your Mother...

"Now the music back when I was young was so much better than the music of today.".....<vbg>



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