Drawn Watercolour Lettering Workshop

I'm doing an on-line watercolour lettering workshop - run by Val Webb....her blog "The Illustrated Garden" is wonderful.

This is a set of tutorials - for every level of artist - including rank amateurs like me - and started with the basics.  (A lot of the participants seem to be professional artists of one sort or another - I am in good company!)

Here are my two exercises from the first lesson...
We first learned how to draw in block style - then the challenge
was to create a personalized block style.
This second piece was an exercise in watercolour brush control -
draw the ovals, draw various forms of a single letter in the ovals,
fill in the oval - leaving the letter white (negative painting).

As basic as this lesson was, I learned a few things from it....things that I didn't learn in the watercolour workshops I've taken....so I'm happy.  I MUST find a pencil that erases easily....the pencil I used for these two projects didn't erase easily....it was a freebie with my last Cheap Joe's order - for shame!!!

Happy Painting!


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