A sure sign of Spring...

Although we were fooled into thinking that Spring was here a couple of weeks ago with the wonderful weather, it turned cool, no... well downright cold for a few days, but there is one true sign of Spring around this house...

My Hibiscus is blooming.....in the corner of the kitchen, close to the back door....I'm thinking that it liked the relatively mild winter we had and decided to celebrate the imminent arrival of Spring.  I've taken so many photos of this plant....I never tire of the just plain gorgeousness of the blooms.

I've been knitting away on my Color Affection.....not paranoid have to knit it style, but slowly, luxuriously enjoying the whole thing style.  I love this Madeline Tosh Merino Light yarn....and the colours are sublime!  The first two sections are complete - done in Manor, with Mica as the first contrasting shade.  Now I get to add in the third shade (Onyx) and do all of those lovely short rows.  (This photograph is intriguing me - how there is that one point of focus......)

Happy Knitting!


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