You can diet in many ways....

But it is important not to totally cut yourself off of the things you love.

I tried this last year too - let's see how long I can keep it up........

No store bought baked goods!

When you bake it yourself, you know what is in it......can you say that about store bought baked goods with long best by dates?

Last year (last week LOL) I made a Walnut Fudge Cake.....I've shown this before here on the SOS blog.  There are still a couple of pieces left.

This year (laughing today) rather than pitch 4 bananas that were going a bit soft for our liking, I made a Banana Walnut Loaf.

Hmmmm, DH immediately made tea and we had a slice with butter on it!

My favourite go to cook book is the Bero Recipe book which uses their self-raising flour.  Unfortunately you can't get Bero Flour here in Canada - but you can get Brodie Self-Raising works just as well!

You can find these Bero Recipe books being sold on E-bay (I wonder why?)  when you can get all of the Bero Recipes on line - right HERE!

Brodie Self Raising Flour is a Smucker's product - but there isn't a specific site for recipes using the Brodie flour - so I guess I'll keep using my Bero recipes.


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