Great minds think alike....

If you read my blog, you know that I am a fan of Kate Davies.....and if you haven't seen her blog entry for today, check it out before you read on please.....

I've been waiting for this to appear - because after I'd knit my Sheep Heid.....I wanted more....and I had a design in mind.  I was so excited at how it was turning out that I e-mailed a photo to Kate....just to show her what her Sheep Heid had inspired.

Well, this not so great mind was inspired by the great mind of Kate Davies - and it's not surprising that we both had the idea of a flock of sheep.......her flock was out being test knit at the I decided to keep my flock tucked away until her flock was ready to make their debut.

This cowl is quite large - so I use a shawl pin to gather up the neckline a bit.  I realized this while I was wearing it on the Nordnorge in might have caught a glimpse of it in this photo.

It is so large in fact that I think Kate, being so petite, could probably wear it as a skirt.  Now there's an idea - want a Sheep Heid Skirt Kate?  Honestly, if you do, you can have it!  I'll just knit up another flock!

I love this sheep motif so much that I've just purchased and downloaded the "rams and yowes" pattern, and being a smart knitter, I already have sufficient yarn in my stash to make this lap blanket.  I'll be surrounded by sheep then!


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