Total opposites!

"What a difference a day makes".... as they say.

Last nights knitting was a case of opposites attract - what could possibly be similar between knitting and the show "Dancing with the Stars"?

Well frankly - nothing!  Except I find it entertaining - and when the "stars" and their partners aren't dancing, I'm knitting - it helps to set aside a dedicated hour or two for knitting - and that's what you do - knit and watch TV, knit and listen to an audiobook, knit knit knit.  That's how you make progress.

Here is a shot of the stranding side of my hat - there are some long float areas and you might want to catch the yarn being stranded - as the pattern says - just don't do your catches at the same point on each round - mix it up a bit - this is what distorts the design on the back side - but it's all good!

Like everything else in life - you have to practice your craft (s).  When the weather starts to turn cooler, I start to bake - both sweet and savoury - last night with the leftover pork roast I decided to do a Yorkshire Pudding - a big one LOL!!!


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