Thank Goodness....

Yes it's Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada.  I have a lot to be thankful for....great Hubby, good health, good friends (both old and new), and the fact that I have everything that I truly need to live a happy, healthy, contented life.

But thank goodness it's only October 2011 - because even though I'm busy knitting away.....when I saw this I just had to have the pattern - and it's knit in Jamieson's Shetland Supreme - 9 shades of luscious natural shades of Shetland yarn - and know.....the yarn should be here in about a week I'd think.  (Yarn diet starts in 2012 remember?)

It's a gorgeous weekend and I'm spending as much time outside as I can - this morning when I discovered this new pattern - well, I bought it of course and printed it off (unfortunately I only have a black and white printer - oh dear LOL) and got out my Shetland Supreme shade card (purchased at J&S while there either with the Simply Shetland group in 2006, or when DH and I went ourselves in 2003.  I just realized that this blog doesn't go back as far as my Shetland trips - so in honour of Shetland Wool Week I'll post some of my favourite Shetland photographs next week.

The J&S web site was easy to click and buy - so the yarn should be on it's way to me tomorrow Shetland time I hope and you never know when it will arrive, so I'd better hurry up and finish my current Kate Davies projects.


  1. Oh my! Isn't that a gorgeous (and fun) hat! I hadn't yet read Kate's post. This always seems to happen (LOL) - I read on your post and then a couple blog reads later her post shows up! What's up with that?? Ha! Ha!


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