Put your hands up and step away from the Tosh!

Madeleine Tosh that is!

You might wonder how I got into this predicament.....let me go back to the beginning....

During casual conversation at art class, I found out that my knitting friend Candice has NEVER, I repeat NEVER, been to The Needle Emporium in Ancaster - my all time favourite yarn shop - well, before the leaves were all down and the snow flies - we decided on a ROAD TRIP!

(Pulling myself together from all the excitement....)

I went because I felt it was a shame that Candice had never been, she had heard about it, but poor thing had never managed to actually get there.  I was determined to show her the way, to enlighten her knitting life, AND to stick to my Yarn Diet plan....I was there to enable Candice to appreciate the beauty that is a fully stocked, totally diverse, luxury yarn shop that is The Needle Emporium!  I WAS NOT going to buy anything (guffawing out loud right here).

Well, when we got there and sophisticated Candice turned into giggling Candy - yes she was like a kid in a candy store and her eyes grew larger and larger - like saucers they were - I wish I'd taken a photo but I got caught up in the excitement too!

Julie (esteemed Owner of The Needle Emporium) is so knowledgeable and what she doesn't know, she looks up on her trusty Mac laptop!  We were there to look at Rowan and were pointed to the front room of the store....the Room of Rowan.  Down the hall we went like two little lambs as instructed.... we glimpsed Tosh DK and Pashmina on the left - Tosh Merino and Vintage on the right - we resisted and fought our way to the Rowan Room....where we came face to face with the Tosh Merino Light display - it was like the great wall of colour - and hanging right there was the Earth & Sky shawl/wrap by Steven West - we lay down our purses as we knew that the battle was lost...(and we needed two hands to fondle the yarn).

The leaves have turned and are now falling...it's starting to get cold.  You know what's next don't you?  "Winter is Coming" and there is no way to avoid it!  I've got so many lovely projects to keep me busy, a stash to knit from when the weather closes in...You may recall that I have declared a 2012 Yarn Diet - knit from the stash!  Well, I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's only October 2011.....still 2 months to go and there is a lot of Tosh still in Ancaster!

(Can you tell I am reading Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin - well I was reading Game of Thrones....I'll save the full confession, ahem details for a another day.)

Happy Knitting!


  1. Oh, Anne, I laughed right out loud reading this edition. Every word is true, too true. I was thinking on our excursion last night and decided your new name should be Posh Tosh and mine Gosh Tosh. The Needle Emporium is so yummy I'm trying to talk D into moving to Ancaster!

  2. ANNE! For shame, for shame! If this had happened after January first I'd have to rush up there and confiscate that yarn (drat).

  3. So nice of you to make the sacrifice for your friend...

    And isn't Madelinetosh the nicest stuff? Your colours are beautiful, and will look wonderful in the Stephen West pattern....

  4. Hey, Renee, I'm trying to help Anne with her upcoming yarn diet. If she loads up on high fibre now, then those loooong twelve months that stretch ahead in 2012 will be a little easier on her. Come on! Help her out! Get her to a wool shop before it's too late.

  5. Anne
    Thank you for visiting and bringing Candice. Sorry that we tempted you with the tosh. :) Should I tell you that we should have at least two more orders of tosh coming before January?


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