Where we stayed....

We stayed in Peebles, just south of Edinburgh in the Scottish Borders, for 4 nights - lovely little village/town - at "The Tontine" hotel with a pub with free wifi right across the street!  The hotel was full of cyclists as there was a big race starting on the Sunday - the day we left!

Then we moved to "The Old Swan" in Harrogate.  This is the hotel that Agatha Christie stayed at when she disappeared.

Here's Terry in front of "The Old Swan"

When in London - we stayed at "The Millenium" on Sloane street, right in the heart of Kightsbridge - just around the corner from Harrods.  Sloane Street is full of very expensive shops - this is where the term "Sloane Ranger" comes from - where the elite young Londoner shops.


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