Toft Manor....

Alpaca Farm and Shop
up the drive...

past the ferocious guard dogs...
around the front (with a fabulous lake view)
to the Mom and Babies paddock....all together....
I took about a dozen photos of these two - who were tied up like a pretzel.
 Obviously they were young and in love!
We were given an overview of how Toft Farm works,
and we had a lovely cream tea while we were there.
Candice made a new friend.
There was a shop - that was swarmed by everyone on the tour - there were a few things left when we were done....but not much.

Toft are planning their first knitting pattern book.......the TOFT Pattern Book 1 which you can order......
and while visiting their web site I found this lookbook of their designs.....not sure if these are the designs in the pattern book though as a lot of these we saw in the shop - but gorgeous to look at nonetheless!

Then it was the long drive to London.....where we had dinner at the Strand Hotel before arriving at our hotel - the Millenium, Knightsbridge.


  1. Gawd, I love the brown and white alpacas posing. How did you get them to do that, you wizard?

  2. Those baby alpaca snuggling is the cutest thing ever! found your blog from Kristin Nicholas of Leyden Glen Farm! Thanks for the fun! Lisa


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