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Visiting London.  If you are a long-time reader of Shades of Shetland, you'll know that I am developing a strong affection for London - this is the third year in a row that I have been in London on this exact same weekend.  The two previous trips were prompted by Alice Starmore attending the IKnit weekends.

The Eucalan tour was supposed to end with the IKnit weekend event....but it was cancelled.

The group did a bus tour of London for a couple of hours in the morning, ending at the Tower of London, and then they did a few drop offs for groups of us that had plans for the afternoon.

We tried to get to Buckingham palace for the Changing of the Guards,
but due to traffic difficulties, we got there just a few minutes late.
If you are interested in the British Royal Family -
they have their own web site with everything you always
wanted to know about the British Monarchy.

The bus tour stopped at the Tower of London
for a restroom break...

We found the most amazing little cafe tucked away near the Tower,
for tea and I think everyone got a piece of cake - I know I did!

Before we left.....we decided on what we wanted to do
in our limited free time in London.
I had suggested the London Eye - everyone thought it was a great idea!
I don't think they realized how HUGE this thing is.....
this is our first glimpse - that's Big Ben on the other side of the river.
The Palace of Westminster - with Big Ben -
more commonly known at the House of Parliament
(view from the Eye)
What an amazing view!
I think we all enjoyed it!


  1. That is SO cool that you went up in the Eye. What an amazing view of the city! I think my non-knitting husband and I need to make a return visit to the UK and spend more time exploring...


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