Down to the knitty gritty......yarn shops!

Wool shops visited while on the Wool, the Fabric of Life tour.....

In Edinburgh, after our city tour with a rather annoying tour guide (I wanted to ask him if he had a burr up his kilt LOL) - we had some free time and headed for K1 Yarns Knitting Boutique, a lovely little shop on West Bow street in the "old town".

Here is Candice making a yarn purchase
- these two are obviously having too good a time talking yarn!
I loved the decor of this shop.
and really liked how they displayed their selection
of Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift - my favourite yarn!
Then we went up to Princess Street and popped in to John Lewis to visit the yarn department there!

Lots of Rowan to love here - I saw a pattern emerging....
This is where Candice and I did some yarn shopping - we
both bought the original Rowan Fine Tweed yarn
for the Peerie Flooers hat.

Beckside Yarns & Needlecrafts
in Clapham, Yorkshire

Gorgeous little village - with a raging river running through it when we were there!  (It had been raining and the already saturated ground didn't catch much of it, so the rivers were flowing and the fields were flooding.)

Unfortunately the shop is hidden by our tour bus!

I may have to make it my official not so local, local yarn shop LOL!

The shop is in a stone building - with a mezzanine floor above where the Rowan yarns were....
this photo is taken from up there!

While in York we visited Ramshambles and Poppy's  - but I didn't take photos for some reason!!?!??

So not a lot of yarn acquisition on this trip for me.....a Rowan Studio 24 at Rowan, some Rowan Fine Tweed in Edinburgh, a cashmere, yes, a cashmere sweater...and a few other bits and bobs came home with me to Canada.


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