Poll Results

Cones of yarns at the
Jamieson's Spinning Mill
in Shetland
As a "Fair Isle" Knitter - I consider myself to be....

  • Experienced - I know it all! - 3 (7%)
  • Intermediate - I do knit fair isle - but I'd love some tips to refine my technique - 30 (76%)
  • Beginner - I've never tried or have tried and gave up - 6 (15%)

Thank you to all of you who responded.

Next subject - which hand hold which yarn - does it matter?

What do you think - comments welcome!


  1. I usually knit continental, but when doing colorwork, I knit continental and English.

  2. I use the 2 handed technique and put my pattern color in my left hand which is my dominant hand. Of course this assumes I am knitting in the round which is my preferred colorwork technique.

  3. I put background in my continental hand and pattern in my english hand, if knitting circularly. If back and forth, then I put both on the continental hand and use a tensioned ring thingy on my finger to keep the colors separate til needed.


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