Insert tongue firmly in cheek....

Leadenhall Market really is Diagon Alley
Where else would they decorate with Dragons?
Lloyds of London is....
Gringotts of course!

Seen from becomes obvious
that this is......

And while Kings Cross Station is under construction, they had to move Platform 9-3/4.
I'm sure that this is it!
Why else have a staircase in the middle of a railroad platform (Glasgow Central Station). 
the Ministry of Magic!

Yes, I have seen The Deathly Hallows Part 2 - Twice!  I am frankly a little depressed that it is all over!

But, thank you to J.K.Rowling we can look forward to.......Pottermore - coming in October!

It looks pretty fabulous!

Knitting content coming soon!


  1. I haven't heard about Pottermore...what is it? I loved the last movie and have been re-watching them all week. I'm sad the series is finished, too. I'm hoping they will come back in a few years with more although J. K. Rowling says she won't. My favorite photo is the one that could be the Ministry of Magic!


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