I need to tweak...

Recently, I upgraded to Flickr Pro - and in doing so somehow lost a lot of the photos that I'd uploaded to Flickr to use here on my blog......so, I'm going back and doing some tweaking to add back photos that have disappeared into Flickr heaven somehow.

I am sorry if this brings up a lot of "new" posts from Shades of Shetland....but I used this blog as my personal diary to remember what I was doing, thinking, knitting at the time.....and it's important to me that the photos are all there and intact.

It's summer here....it's hot hot hot....and I've got some knitting I'd like to complete....so I've decided to put on "hold" the FI 101 posts for now.  I'll continues FI101 in the Fall, probably October - but if you have any questions in the meantime - feel free to contact me.

Happy Knitting!


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