Applöse - My Caller Herrin'

From the back - see the little i-cord knot?

It was hot today - but I felt I needed some scottish wool around me -
so I draped one of my tartan scarves around my shoulders.

Pattern:  Caller Herrin' by Kate Davies  (Read about her design inspiration - at Needled, her blog. )

Yarn:  Virtual Yarns Hebridean - original shades as per pattern


One full repeat of the motif on the round (as suggested in the pattern) with additional increase stitches (as per the pattern) with an additional 6 rounds added to the main body of the hat before starting the decreases for the top.

I also did a little I-cord celtic knot (rather than the loop as suggested by the pattern).

I did NOT do the lining on the corrugated rib or the I-cord edging - I may still go back and do this after I've done a little research with the other knitters on Ravelry that have done this hat.  I'm worried that it would make the rib too tight for me.

It is suggested that if you want to make this more of a tam shape - to block it on a 10" plate.....well, I went bigger than that and used a 14" pizza pan LOL!!!  I think it is a bit oversized - but when it's washed again, it will tighten up a bit, but still be big enough for what I envisioned.

A big thank you to the hubby for taking these photos!


  1. Just stunning, Anne. It looks even more spectacular in person..


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