The Worker is Only as good as Her Tools!

You know the saying LOL!

You buy some new "tools" from Feral Knitter
Every shade of Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift
on a little embroidery thread bobbin.
A great book and the 

"Ultimate  3-in-l Color Tool" by Joen Wolfrom
So you start organizing your little bobbins...

by number or by the shade card - standing up, or
on their side.....hmmm

I went for on their side, in the order as shown on the shade card
You find just the right box, to pull everything together -
your Jamieson's Shade Card
Your new colour tools.....

They go in the box.....and you put a divider between
 the books and 
your lovely colourful bobbins.......
all organized in a beautiful box - heaven!


  1. How do I write in the sound of drooling?

  2. You are such an enabler:)

    I am drooling to:)

    you have such awesome toys!

  3. I love your storage box! The colors look so lovely arranged that way, I'm tempted to head off and play with my set..... Beautiful photography, too!

  4. I'll bet you loved your Crayola 64s with the sharpener on the side of thie box.
    I once had a grade one student who called me 'Magenta Periwinkle'. Those two colours were her favorite and they sat beside each other in her Crayola box.


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