New Poll - Rate Yourself!

One of my earliest designs -
abandoned.......then recycled to take part
in the Cambridge  Project
What is your experience level as a Fair Isle Knitter - Experienced, Intermediate or Beginner - please vote on this new poll.

Those of you who consider yourself to be Beginners - do you have anything specifically that you'd like to see detailed in the future?

Intermediate Fair Isle knitters - you've done some Fair Isle in the past - what aspects of the knit were you thinking....there must be a better way? perhaps you'd like to have this issue specifically addressed?

You Experienced Fair Isle knitters - as this tutorial goes on - I'd love it if you'd post your opinions or alternatives to what I post.....after all....there is never only one way to do something.....

Your participation in this tutorial is crucial to making it a worthwhile experience for all of us.  I look forward to your comments and suggestions.



  1. I consider myself an intermediate Fair Isle knitter. I've done a few projects and love the colorwork. BUT I look best in set-in sleeves. Can Fair Isle in the round be done with steeks that somehow create set-in sleeves?

  2. I still break out in hives with the thought of steeking! Yet, knitting stranded in the round is the only way to go. I need to feel more confident when I reach those arm holes and the dreaded steek is approaching. Also, how do you decrease and steek simultaneously? In my head I think I know what to do, but when I'm faced with the stitches I go goo goo.

  3. I'm an intermediate FI knitter. The issues I have are to make the sweaters have a more modern fit ie waist shaping, set in sleeves and narrower sleeves and secondly, how to manage the ends. If steeking, no problem butwhat about sleeves in the round. I have used felting needles with sucess in the past but ideas are welcomed.

  4. Anne, I learned how to knit Fair Isle by reading your tutorials! :)

  5. Anne,
    I learned to FI knitting through Alice Starmore's Celtic Knitting book. I also had issues with the lack of modern shaping & haven't done FI knitting for some time but then found Eunny Jang's Venezia Pullover which does - so it will probably be my next FI project.

  6. Anne:

    I'm self taught, I read everything I could get my hands on, including your tutorials. I do waist shaping and set-in shoulders with siamese sleeves. No one told me I couldn't. I still have issues over choosing a ribbing, tho! Makes me break out in a sweat to do a ribbing. Silly me!

  7. I consider myself an experienced FI knitter. I'd like to learn how to do shaping and set-in sleeves. And adapting Starmore patterns so these aren't so large (I'm petite, and her patterns, especially the early ones, would have me swimming in these).

  8. I'm working on a cardigan using the Glass Beach pattern (already have the vest made), and with this cardigan it's going to be V-neck and zippered. Body is done - I need to work on the sleeves and then it's on to the ribbing and putting in the zippers. I had to do a LOT of calculations to get the size/numbers of stitches, shaping, etc.


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