How's it going?

This is an American Girl doll dress
that I knit for a friend's daughter
and I'll use it as a basis for
the sample size designs for
practice knitting.
Those of you who are practicing with their opposite hand - how's it going?

So now that your other hand is becoming more comfortable with knitting too.....we can proceed to knitting with two shades of yarn at the same time - stranded knitting.

You have two hands - and two shades of yarn - hold one yarn in each hand - now knit one stitch with your right hand - one with your left - carry on knitting like this until it feels good.

Then 2 stitches with the right and 2 with the left.....

Then 3 with the right and 3 with the left....

etc - up to 5 or 6 stitches with each hand.

You knit always keeping the yarns separate - never twisting - the yarn in your right hand knits running along the top - the yarn in your left hand always comes from underneath - pops up to knit - then drops back down while the right hand knits.

As you add stitches to your repeat - you'll have to watch the stranding of your yarn that is not being used across the back of your work - not too tight and not too loose - you want it to be just right!

Remember that we are still practicing......relax, make sure your shoulders are down, that you are breathing - just stop and relax before you pick up your needles again.

Is anyone finding that their "other" hand just isn't getting it?

Future FI 101 topics of discussion -
  • Yarn Dominance 
  • Charts - how to read them
  • Suggestions for stranded projects for "first" projects - hats etc.
  • Steeking
  • A sample size drop sleeve pullover (for the beginners) using steeks for the armhole openings
  • A sample size cardigan with underarm shaping and set in sleeves.

Any suggestions for additional topics are welcome.


  1. My 'other' hand hates knitting. One of my hands does double the work when I knit fair isle. I'm going to have a very gnarled up hand when I'm an old woman!


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