You can't be on the platform, when you're sitting on the train!

Alan usually does a lot of video of the preserved steam trains when we are in the UK - but it's hard to do when you are sitting on the train!

At times, this train was doing 75 mph - how did we know?  Well, although this was a preserved train, with vintage coach stock, one of the fellows in our coach was rigged up with high-tech gps technology that monitored our progress - amazing!

Luckily there were A LOT of people following the train as we raced up the East coast line - when on the main line (you can tell if it's the main line by the overhead electrical wires) we were moving......when on secondary lines, we had to go slower - but there were people everywhere watching the train, taking photos and videos.


  1. Wow! How neat! The interiors are to die for. You must have really enjoyed yourselves. Thanks for the pix. I'm homesick now.

  2. Linda Dossett6 May 2011 at 04:55

    Oh I wish I had known you were coming to the UK again, I would have loved to meet up with you and we could talk about Denim patterns - LOL.



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