Saturday - Kings Cross to Edinburgh!

We arrived early at King's Cross Station - no train in sight!

You might think that this trip was all
 about vintage steam trains and the like -
but I was on a mission...
 to find what I could about Hogwarts -
 - so I went looking for Platform 9-3/4!
Turns out this Platform is under construction....hmmmm
Where is the Hogwarts Express running from these days?

Here it is - our first engine -
 "Dominion of New Zealand" an A4 Pacific
We were in Coach D - Christina
Wood panelled, high backed comfortable seats,
and our own table for two.
We stopped in York to pick up the last of the passengers.

And arrived late that afternoon in Edinburgh.
Unfortunately it was only an overnight stop.....
check in at the hotel and a brisk walk.


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