Lindisfarne - Neckline

It's always a miracle to me when you cut the front and back neck steeks and reveal the neckline opening.

Then I picked up all of the stitches the were on waste yarn, and a stitch for every row - using Colour A - on the first knit row I decreased by 8%, adjusting to fit the 12 stitch pattern repeat.

The body was knit on 3.5mm needles, so I picked up and knit the first 4 rows of the neckline with 3.5mm, then 3 rows with 3.25mm and the last 4 rows with 3mm needles - purled a row (the fold row) and gradually went up in needle size again when knitting the neckline facing.

Here''s the inside - neckline facing folded down and pinned ready to be sewn in place.

I don't think I showed how the shoulder "seam" worked out - this pattern has 2 centre rows and when they meet at the shoulder - wow - a perfect motif!  


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