I must be crazy.

This is me fooling around with my camera.  In addition to everything else that I'm attempting to knit, this is the start of a challenging intarsia project.......it all started back in October of 2008 - at a workshop with Brandon Mably.
Carolyn at Main Street Yarns had collected all 23 of the shades required for....
this!  Quite a few of us in the Rowan Club bought the kits.
We decided as an off-shoot of the club group
 to get together to support each other to knit
 - the Foolish Virgins Scarf.
The pattern is in "kaffe KNITS AGAIN"
- and it uses 23 shades of Rowan Scottish Tweed 4-Ply
 - a long discontinued yarn.


  1. what a wonderful project:)

  2. Great project and I look forward to seeing yours as you progress. I did the F.V. sweater and I know what a compliment-magnet it is!

    How nice to find a blog where the knitter isn't afraid of colour and intarsia.


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