A little while back it looked like Bloglines was going to disappear - but Merchant Circle saved Bloglines and I'm happy they did.

It was easy to "migrate" my blog list over to the new Bloglines - and I love the new look.  My favourite view is the "Mosaic" view where you can go to quickly look back at posts.

It's great to get a snapshot of what you've been posting on your blog, or what you've been reading on a blog that you like to follow!


  1. You had better luck than I did. I tried 3 times to migrate, but it never worked. I put in numerous requests for help to Merchant Circle, but each time they replied with the same canned response that didn't answer my question, with links that were broken. (I tried notifying them that the links were broken, and just got more copies of that same email...)
    I finally gave up and moved to Google Reader. 'Migrating' over there worked fine.


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