KSH Anonymous

After the Striped Surprise Jacket, well, I still have a bucket of KSH - 
and so I've decided to make a scarf.

I have to admit it - I am ADDICTED to Rowan's Kidsilk Haze.....do you think it could be hereditary?

My Mother loved Mohair.......she knit everyone in the family one of those Mary Maxim picture type sweaters (sort of like this) - My Dad's had a pattern edging, my Uncle's had a pheasant on it (he was a hunter at the time), mine had a skater on it - can't remember what was on my Sister's sweater - I must phone and ask LOL!

But after that, it was Mohair all the way -- she knit herself a beautiful Mohair cardigan - a soft grey - it looked lovely with her silvery hair.......and then she quit knitting.....except to finish off things that I occasionally started....

When I finally got into knitting myself (there was a time that she despaired that I'd never finish anything) I knit her a cream mohair cardigan.  This was before I found Rowan Kidsilk Haze!!!

I am totally addicted and I don't care who knows LOL!

PS - I just added my blog to my notes in Facebook - wonder if this will work!


  1. You're addicted to KSH and I'm on a run with Jamieson Spindrift. Have you got any to sell? I'll send you a list of the colours needed if you have a stash you want to deplete. If not, I guess it's Camilla for me.


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