Beam me up!

Pretty soon we'll be able to say "Beam me up" - I'm sure of it.

Yesterday I received my Apple TV thingmajig.....a little black box that hooks into your TV.  It talks to our I can access Netflix on it.

It also can talk to the big iMac downstairs.......once I allowed for Home now we can watch our photos streaming from the iMac - on our big TV in the livingroom.  We can also access the internet (albeit a bit of a pain to type in the address) and play music that is in our itunes library.

So now we have the iMac, an iPod that talks to the iMac, and an Apple TV that talks to the iMac too....

can an iPad be far behind?

DH keeps telling me to get one, but I'm not ready yet......some day........

Do you love all of this new technology?  or not.......

Tell me in a comment - I'd love to hear what you think.


  1. I loved my iPod Touch so much that I got an iPhone 4. I love it so much that I can picture myself with an iPad or iMac when my beloved laptop dies. It's a slippery slope ...

    My bluray player has wifi so I watch Netflix through it.

  2. Get an iPad! I love mine. I need to know more about the Apple TV. I'm certainly no techno-wizard, but I am getting hooked on all the stuff that's available. However, I still feel reluctant to try things on the Mac and the iPad in case I hurt them.

  3. I second Candice - get the iPad, you won't believe the things it can do. DH and I have to fight over ours.


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