Spindrift Designer Box....

Remember this post.....the shades of Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift that I didn't have and just had to have LOL!!!

Well they are now organized with all of the other shades that I had already, per the new shade card (sort of) in two large Rubbermaid containers......

I don't have all of the Marls.......and just looking at these photos makes me want to organize them strictly by the shade card......so I'll do that next.


  1. Perfect eye candy. I have a question... I always have a hard time buying yarn without a pattern in mind because I never know how much to get. What will you do with one of each?

  2. All SORTS of possibilities here! My mind would be all awhirl with ideas if I had Spindrift stash like that!

  3. *sob*



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