Time flies....

When you are having fun - as the saying goes.

Another week at the home of Shades of Shetland....the weather has been lovely (for November) and we've found a "new" trail to walk - at our usual park - but going North rather than our usual going South trail.  It's longer - takes about an hour - which is what we need now that we've gotten used to walking more.  Lackie and Daisy love the longer walks too!

So, not much knitting progress this week -- but I did work out the shoulder shaping for the back of Anastasiya - and I just finished - used the Japanese short row method and it looks quite nice.

These are my shoulder shaping guidelines....I'd better not lose this so that I can make the front shoulders match.
I love the way the plaid motif goes up the shoulder -- this should look good when I do a 3 needle bind off joining the shoulders together.
So now I just have to look at the front V neck shaping -- I think I want mine to be a bit deeper V than called for in the pattern.


  1. When I'm being a good knitter I have notes like that too. When I'm being a slacker I end up trying to read my knitting, with mixed results. LOL

    Lovin' the plaid!!

  2. That's a good idea - post your notes, so you don't lose them - also, then those of us that follow *ahem* can benefit too! lol! Thanks Anne! :)

  3. glad to know I'm not the only one to do short row sketches like that!

  4. Hi Anne,

    How was HP? You did go to the opening night show, didn't you?


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