Sunday Smorgasbord...

A selection of photos from the weekend activities here at Shades of Shetland....

We had a lovely Sunday Brunch - English muffins with egg, cheese and bacon - and just a dash of Worcestershire sauce!

Daisy enjoyed the first real snow of the year!
Sunday is grooming day for the dogs - that includes toe nails -- always a struggle
 but they forgive me.

Once the chores were done, I sat down to do some knitting -- Anastasiya is almost complete.  The short row shoulders look great.  I really like to do a 3-needle bind off, so that was the plan.  Two attempts later and I was seriously questioning my sanity -- how could 48 stitches on each needle not bind off equally?  This is one of those annoying mysteries of in desperation, I got out my stitch marker hooks, counted 12 stitches on each needle and joined the needles together at that point.

Such a simple solution - it only takes a moment and kept me on track....

I think it was worth it!


  1. join looks fabulous! and daisy with the snow on her face is cute.

  2. Sounds like a perfect day. :)
    Love your Anastasiya.


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