Sunday fun...

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest right?

Well, this morning I was given my shopping list, and sent off to pick up a few things at the grocery store.  I usually avoid going grocery shopping on a Sunday....but when you are given a list by the Hubby, and he tells you that he's been talking to his Mom, and he wants to make Christmas fruit cake this year.....HE wants to make it, not we should make it, or you should make it, HE wants to make it.

What's a person to do when someone insists that they are up for the challenge....all that cutting up of fruit, that back breaking work....and my part of the job is to shop for the ingredients, and ice one of the cakes closer to Christmas.  I love icing cakes, so sure, I'm up for that part too.

So DH is upstairs right now - measuring and cutting, adding and mixing......oh yes, I do also have to line the two pans with parchment paper - I can do that part too.....

But the rest of the time I'm going to try to get back to this....

I knit my Anastasiya in the round, up to the armholes where I have started going back and forth.  I didn't want to steek the armholes because of the different motifs - some 3 colours per row, some 2 colours per row and some single shade stripes in there -- and with the shoulders of this design supposed to hang over, well, I didn't want to add any extra bulk there.  So here I am, almost finished the back.....I was at this point over a week ago....and then I stalled.  Today I'm going to get back on track.

What do you do when you "stall" in a project - it's not that you have lost interest, but something seems to have you flummoxed - any tips on how to keep the momentum going?


  1. Oh, Anne, Big D makes 5-8 Christmas cakes every year from his great-great- great grandmother's recipe! They weigh a ton, but they are good and nothing like the door stoppers available commercially. Lots of candied fruit and marzipan under the icing. Does DH wrap his in frilly paper?

    I can't believe you have stalled! Sounds like you need to do what I do . . . . begin another project! A quickie, something to focus on for a short while. I have some wild tea cosy patterns if you're interested.

  2. Are you telling me there is actually 'real' fruit in fruit cake? Here in the States we just buy that jellied fruit and throw it in the batter. Well, I guess I better speak for my own American family and not others. Gotta love a cooking husband! Good for him!

  3. I love that sweater!

    I walk around, try to distract myself and tell myself to turn off the brain/worry and just do it. It's usually not as horrible as I think it will be. Usually.

  4. Lots of the ladies in Shetland don't steek! What's that? they ask.

    I do get stalled...I turn off the computer which eliminates my most tempting procrastination technique.

    Anastasiya is gorgeous!


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