November 19 - Finally!

Yes, today was THE DAY!

Originally I wanted to go to the midnight showing of Harry Potter - The Deathly Hallows Part 1........but to be honest, sanity ruled....and we went to the noon showing today.  Turns out that the midnight shows were crazy - people started lining up for seats at 9:00 pm - well, no way DH would have done that - he's not the biggest HP fan around LOL - he cringes every time he hears HP music LOL!!!

So, going at noon today was fabulous - the theatre was only half full -- we could sit where we wanted - I have nothing against kids but being a school day is was relatively kid free -- there were a few that had obviously skipped school (with parental approval of course) to go to the it was great.

I as a 5 Star Harry Potter fan LOVED the movie - it was dark and dangerous and I loved it.  Rupert Grint (Ron) was exceptional and really grown up LOL!!  I think of the 3 stars, he has been overlooked because he frankly makes it look so easy - I would expect that Rupert is just like Ron - he's probably not, but he makes being Ron look so real.  In this movie the Ron character gets to strut his stuff - about time!

IF you aren't a HP died in the robe fan, you might wonder what the heck is going on......Hubby who is fairly HP knowledgeable, but not a fan per se, said that he thought it was all a lot of nothing....they didn't really accomplish anything.....well, I think that was the point of this movie, to set up the finale - and I CAN'T WAIT!

This morning we took Lackie and Daisy for a long walk - quite early - so that they would be tired out while we were out at the show.

I'm sure they didn't spent their whole time waiting for us like this......
Lackie snuggling up with Daisy......waiting patiently...
Hubby tells me that when I go out without them - they either sit on the back of the chair in the front window, or they curl up on the doorway from my yarn room to the furnace room (where I exit into the garage) and wait........



  1. OK. I have to admit I am not a Harry Potter fan. There. I said it out loud.

    What a sweet picture of Lackie and Daisy!


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