More Yarn!

Well, the LAST thing I need around here is more yarn.....but......I've been organizing and that always means trouble LOL!

While "organizing" I discovered that I did NOT have all of the shades of Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift -- I guess I closed up shop before the last batch of new shades arrived.....and then I sold off ALL of my stock of certain shades, so at least, I had to have ONE ball of each shade....

so I got these!

I'll show you how I've organized all of my Spindrift in another will take me a couple of days to sort this lot out!


  1. Wow!
    I like that fuchsia (under the orange on top of the picture.)

  2. Anne, this is spooky. I bought many many shades of Spindrift in August from Camilla Farms with the intention of knitting 'samples' of Kaffe's patterns then framing them in shadow boxes. What's your plan . . . or did you just want them to have and to hold?


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