Stranding - 3 yarns per row!

Anastasiya has a few motifs that use 3 yarns per row - like the very first motif after the ribbing!  It took me a while to get my head around how to do usual with all things, there are many ways you can handle 3 strands per row, and here are a few ways I've tried.

The main thing, as in all stranding, is to set the position of your yarns, and keep them that way

Background shade - top
Pattern shade - bottom (2 shades per row - middle on rows with 3 shades per row)
Accent shade - always along the bottom.

I've tried to show different techniques of stranding 3 shades per row to help you customize your own personal stranding style.

BACKGROUND AND PATTERN shades held in the right hand - ACCENT shade in the left:

BACKGROUND in the right, PATTERN in the left, with the ACCENT shade being worked with the left hand:

Holding all three shades in the right hand - BACKGROUND, PATTERN and ACCENT:

Holding the BACKGROUND shade in the Right, the PATTERN shade in the left, the ACCENT shade in the right:

If you like my background music - it's by "Fiddler's Bid" a Shetland Group - you can find out more about Biddler's Bid (and buy their CD's) at


  1. An excellent tutorial Anne - thanks!!

  2. What a great tutorial, Anne. You do the stranding so effortlessly and the results are beautiful!

  3. Thanks Anne!

    Now I don't have to ask you how to do it. :)

  4. Great tutorial, Anne. I'm intrigued by the little cups holding your yarn, presumably made for the purpose since they have a notch for the yarn to exit. Where did you get them?


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