First Signs of the Changing Season.....

You can hardly find the path for the leaves....this was last Friday - absolutely gorgeous day for a walk.  Lackie met his first horses on the trail - unfortunately I didn't get a photo of this meeting - maybe next time.

The first batch of mincemeat tarts -- DH has a sweet tooth, and when he found a jar of mincemeat in the cupboard, well, we just had to have tarts.  (Fortunately I had pre-made tart shells in the freezer - and a full-size pie shell, so while not home made -- they were a product of my kitchen.....if you know what I mean.....this is a salute to our food labelling up here in Canada......


  1. Aren't those walks in the woods lovely. We think we are going to buy a Conservation Area season's pass next year so we can enjoy more outdoors near home.

  2. Mmm, mince pies, yours look delectable. I only make them at Christmas - we always make a wish as we bite into the first of the season.


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