Sleeves....always a challenge

I've learned to sew in the ends as I go along -- this is especially good when doing sleeves -- it can be really daunting if you leave the ends until you've finished the whole sweater.  I only had about 20 rows of ends to tidy up when I cast off on Saturday afternoon.


  1. that is why I use the spit and splice method instead. while doing my first fair isle I started to calculate how many threads I would have to sew in when the sweater was finished.

    realising that I would have to sew in almost 300 threads, I decided that the slight uneveness in colour changes caused by this was worth it:)

    but I'm really impressed with people who actually sew in the ends because it really is such an enourmous and time consuming work:)

    it's really beutiful though!


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