Our Annual trip........

on the RMS Segwun.........for more information on the Segwun and her sister ship, click here.
We went on the 4 hour "Millionaire's Row" cruise this year -- it takes you past some of the most amazing "cottages" and you can see why they named the cruise the way they did......
There was a large party of people on board.....so they had the first luncheon sitting.....so for almost 2 hours it was like it was our own personal cruise.  The bartender made us hot chocolate, with Baileys Irish Cream and whipped cream on top - yummy!
After our turkey with all the trimmings luncheon, I found myself a spot in the sun - it was another fabulous trip on the Segwun!


  1. 2 lovely people, 2 splendid fair isle, sun, sea and knit, nothing else to be the happiest of the world !! what's the pattern of your husband ???

  2. You always seem to pick the perfect day every year for these cruises!

  3. And that scenery would be why I live up here! Lovely cardi BTW.

  4. Lovely to see Hibiscus get an outing. What's your husband's FI design? Looks like a fabulous trip.

  5. That first picture is beautiful--LOVE those two sweaters :)

  6. Just the right sort of occasion for sweaters - so lovely!


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