Hibiscus - Applöse

I read Attic 24 - a fabulous, colourful, fun blog mainly about crochet.  Lucy, the blogger, has these "Ta Da" posts - when she finishes something and shows it off.

When you spend a bit of time, or a lot of time, creatively....you've put effort into something that you are doing just for fun...this should be celebrated.  Like other knitters, I've tended to diminish the wonder that is knitting.....you start off with some string, and you use some sticks, and with manipulation you end up with WOW - I made that!

So in the spirit of all things Shetland, I'm instigating the "Applöse" post........from the Shetland Dictionary....

Applöse - (v) offer; make available; make known.

So from now on, finished projects will be made known, Applösed, where I share with you my utter joy in a completed project.

So here it is......my Hibiscus Cardigan Applöse moment.......

Hibiscus - 9 rows longer, the sleeves are significantly longer but still 3/4 length - buttoned up - I love it!


  1. Wow!!! Stunning!!!! Beautiful!!!

    it looks so gorgeous on you! just fabulous!!!

    and it fits like a dream!

  2. These things should be made known, or Applösed. Thank you for sharing. It is truly beautiful.

  3. Wow! But i don't understand what difference it would have made whatever side the buttons are on. But I repeat: Wow!

  4. What a stunning cardigan, Anne! I love it and it looks great on you. Very inspiring!

  5. I love it too! I think I prefer the full button closure to the one button on the original. Perfect for your colouring and you deserve Applause for your Applose (sorry, no umlaut on my keyboard). As a matter of interest, the colour on the finished Hibiscus photo seems much less pink than on the in-progress photos. Which one is truer to life?

  6. Stunning.

    After seeing yours, I ordered the pattern!

  7. It's wonderful. I love those colors too.


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