Buttons - always a conundrum !

First it was buttons on the right, loops on the left -  but somehow that didn't feel right -- off to check the closet - oh no!  

Buttons on the left, loops on the right.....ah, that's much better!
Buttons courtesy of Carolyn at Main St. Yarns - my LYS - she has the best taste in buttons and can pick out just the right one every time!


  1. Oh, I do like those buttons. Your hibiscus looks just great. Such lovely color. Love the pic with the hibiscus flower.

    So it's blustery there? No fair!! It is still so hot here...yesterday we had flooding rains, and I mean flooding...13 inches here. And then tornados. Today it was in the 90's again. I may have to come north! :0)


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