Stratford...a day out

One of the most fabulous things about that DH has retired that you are able to pick up and go whenever you want, wherever you want.....and you can go places on work days while everyone else is well, at work! Last Friday we decided to go to Stratford Ontario - home of the Stratford Festival.
Of course I had to check out the local yarn shop - a tiny little store, two small rooms, with a lovely selection of yarn. The store is called "Close Knit Quality Yarns". While I was there I picked up a copy of the Surprise Jacket pattern from Schoolhouse Press -- the one with Adult, Baby and Children's sizing included.

We walked down by the river and saw the Stratford Swans. (You can buy special Swan food at the Tourist Info Centre for $1 - they are well fed!)


  1. Rats, you could have come by for tea! I live in Stratford now - near the Festival Theatre

    Red Bird Knits


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