Serious Knitting and Exercise going on here...

Thought I'd run out of Cinnamon there for a while -- out of yarn ????

Serious exercise required new snazzy runners - DH got a pair too -- his aren't this beautiful watermelon shade though LOL!  You should see the inside sole liners - very groovy!


  1. Your sweater matches the day lily!! Both are gorgeous.

  2. Awww, thanks for the comment! From you that is a huge compliment. :0)

    Oh, I just LOVE this Hibiscus. LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors, Anne. I may have to go for it at some point in the very near future...should have done the knit-a-long, but I'd have NEVER finished Rosebud. LOL It was bad enough as it was.

    I am the same with the exercise. Unlike everyone else on the planet I gain weight in summer because it is the most knitting time I can get in. School year-not so much and I am running around...summer=pounds. LOL But, I too have been on the bike a bit and have been running/walking. If I do run it is a walker's it must be very funny to watch. hahah But I like your new shoes. They look great. I need some new ones now, too. I can feel it in my hips when they go. Weird, huh? I am sure it is common.



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