Thank you for your comments -- both on this blog and privately -- it's nice to know that someone out there is listening LOL!!!

Hi Robyn -- it was actually you moving to Stratford that inspired us to go to Stratford.  Hubby retired earlier this year, and we are looking around to see if we should move, or stay where we are.  It's lovely here in the Outlier of Milton (that's a fancy word for being on the escarpment) - a short 5 minute drive and you're into Milton now where you can get everything you could possibly we want to go back to a smaller community, like Milton was 25 years ago, only 20,000 people?  Maybe.....we're going to be investigating different areas...if nothing else it will be fun!

OK, a couple of questions.......

Elizabeth commented on me being left-handed....and asked about knitting left-handed as her grand-daughter looks like a potential promising knitter.

Yes, I am left handed.  But like most left-handed people, I have adapted to a right-handed world.  Everything is designed for the right-handed person, as they are the majority.  Did you know that left-handed people are more likely to have industrial accidents?  It's because everything is designed for the right-handed person.

So, my take on "handed" ness in knitting have to use both hands to hold the needles.  The stitches move from the left needle to be knit up onto the right needle.......that should stay the same for every makes sense and would save their sanity to me the only question is if you feel more comfortable throwing with your right, or holding the yarn with your left hand and knitting continental.

Just my opinion, but as a left-handed person who had a Mom that didn't think I'd ever knit because I was left handed....well, I fooled her didn't I!  (I'm sure I've told the story of the first steek I cut - went to her house, sewed the steek because it was a Philosopher's sweater, and then cut it - I'm not sure who was more in shock - her or me LOL!!!)

Pru asked if I'd changed the colours from the original shades -- well no I didn't, so I guess it's a matter of photography and monitor differences.  That's why I always recommend a shade card so that you can look up the actual shades used in a design - honestly, photographs LIE!!!  If you like to knit with Jamieson's Spindrift - get yourself a new shade card - with all 224 shades on it - they missed on - grey LOL!

Ellen asked if the pictures will be available for a while -- yes Ellen - they will always be in the archives of Shades of Shetland -- just search in the blog for Hibiscus as they are all tagged.

Debbie asked about my shoulder line -- it was done ending on the middle row of the main motif - the row down in Leprechaun and Daffodil. Yes Debbie, when I did the seam, turning the sweater inside out and doing a three-needle bind off, I used Olive, and it turned out quite nicely.

I think it's time for another draw -- I'll get the hubby to pull a name -- stay tuned!


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