Hibiscus steek

DH & I had great fun pretending to be film makers..........I was doing the directing, with him behind the camera.......

I used to have tips and techniques on my web page (sequential photos) and I'm going to rework this information into videos - stay tuned.....if you need me, I'll be in the editing room!

Happy Knitting,


  1. Great video, Anne. I think cutting steeks is about the scariest thing, but it works!!!!! I notice you are cutting left handed. Do you knit left handed as well? I'm left handed but taught myself to knit following the examples exactly as written in books---therefore, I knit right handed. I'm going to have to learn to knit left handed to teach my granddaughter who is going to be totally a leftie (she's 3 now). She loves to sit next to me and watch me knit, so I think she might have an interest later on.

  2. Great job to both of you! It still scares me to watch others cut steeks. Don't know why, I should be over it by now. :)

  3. Great job, Anne ... I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. de Mille.

  4. Dear Anne:

    The puppies look exactly alike. Adorable and famous. My pup, Gader, is so homely and gangly looking. He is strange... Trade you?

    Love the posts on the cardi. I love the colors.

    junieann AKA SableStasher


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